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SEO for Small Businesses.

Church SEO

Written by Emma Marais

January 15, 2024

SEO for Small Businesses.

To learn more about SEO take a look at this article on What is SEO?

Small Businesses need SEO just as much as Enterprises do, but due to misconceptions, scams, and lack of knowledge about SEO, small businesses are getting the short end of the straw. In turn, causing much frustration, confusion and even loss in revue. Although in general the SEO process for both SEO for small businesses and SEO for enterprises are the same there are many differences between the two that affect how SEO is implemented for each one therefore, they can’t be painted with the same brush. 

So, let’s make it a bit clearer. We will look at the following:
1. What makes them the same?
2.Differences between SEO For Small Businesses and Enterprise SEO.
3. Why small businesses need SEO.
4. How much does SEO for Small Businesses cost?

seo for small businesses

What makes them the same?


The Search Engine Optimisation process is mostly very similar for all businesses, following the same steps and standards of SEO. 

Firstly, both SEO for small businesses and enterprise SEO make use of Keyword optimisation. This is a huge part of the SEO process. This ultimately makes sure your target audience is being reached and your site is receiving the desired traffic.

Secondly, they both need to have technically sound sites that customers can easily access and navigate. These sites need to be fast, have no broken links, and no errors to ensure a great customer experience.
Thirdly, SEO for Small Businesses and Enterprise SEO monitor and audit their sites. This is essential as it’s important to know how your SEO strategies are performing and if any changes need to be made.
Now let’s move on to their differences.


    Differences between SEO for Small Businesses and Enterprise SEO.


    Let’s jump straight into it.

    The Website: Most small businesses have single websites that are quite straightforward. The sites have few pages with small amounts of products or services available to the customer making them easier to maintain and optimise. Enterprises on the other hand have large-scale websites that are more complex. Enterprise sites have extensive pages offering broad amounts of products and services as well as multiple locations making them more difficult to maintain and optimise.

    The Budget: Most small businesses have a small budget when it comes to SEO. They rely on in-house SEO specialists if they even have one, or help from an outsourced individual, or a small team. Their budget usually means they use SEO tools that are free or have limited features. Due to limited budgets and resources small businesses also have to think of the most cost-effective strategies to implement. When we look at Enterprises, we can see large budgets with many resources made available for SEO. They mostly outsource their SEO and hire agencies or have large internal teams to handle the SEO process. They can implement the best strategies available and not just the most cost-effective ones filling the gaps with paid ads.

    The Target Audience: The target audience for a small business is normally quite small and falls into a specific niche of customers, which means less competition. Most small businesses can be more localized as they have only one address or very few addresses in specific areas. This makes the target audience easier to focus on and makes SEO more specific. The target audience for enterprises is of a larger scope and scale. This makes it difficult to focus on one type of customer causing broader SEO to be used. There is also a lot more competition with other enterprises making SEO more complex. Due to its many locations and addresses Enterprises are also unable to be localized.

    The Type of Keywords: Keywords help search engines to easily identify your content. If your content is similar to your customers search, the search engine will display your site or content. Small business SEO focuses on Low Value keywords. These are keywords that are easy to rank for quickly. These keywords don’t really need backlinks or high authority. Enterprise SEO focuses on High Value keywords, these are very specific words or phrases that have high search volume making them more difficult to rank for therefore these keywords require backlinks and high authority making the SEO process more complex.

    Why small businesses need SEO


    For any business your main goal is to get customers to buy your product or service. SEO is the perfect tool to make this happen. SEO for Small businesses focuses on improving your website presence allowing you to rank higher on search engines in the most cost effective form. When you rank higher your sites visibility also increases.

    This in turn allows your site to come up when customers search enquiries related to your products or services. SEO expands your online presence and ensures that you reach a wider audience in a cost-effective way attracting organic traffic as well as targeting local customers.

    All of this is essential for small businesses, SEO is a highly effective way to get your business out there. Every small business should make use of SEO if they want to create a successful business.

    How much does SEO for small businesses cost?


    On average SEO for small businesses in South Africa costs between R5 000-R12 000 per month for local SEO. There are many agencies and freelancers that all have their own rates and packages and finding the right SEO partner can be very tricky.

    There are also a lot of SEO scams out there so here are a few tips to think about when choosing your SEO partner:
    Low price – The saying, too good to be true definitely applies here. SEO requires a lot of time and effort, if an agency or freelancer is giving you a very low rate compared to industry standards be cautious as this is probably a scam.

    High guaranteed results – SEO is very up and down so getting results is not a quick and easy process. Therefore, watch out for SEO agencies or freelancers offering high guaranteed results as this could potentially be a scam resulting in your site being affected and even penalized.


    To end, SEO for small businesses is very important and making sure you have the right SEO partner by your side is essential for the SEO process to be successful.


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